Greece Trips and Tips Kalavryta – Diakopton

A village built in the Vouraikos Gorge in the middle of the route of the jagged Diakoftos – Kalavrita and just 12 km from Kalavrita. Its name comes from the Slavic “Zagloro”, meaning “behind the mountains”. The village was built in the years of the Turkish occupation by passers-by who came to the Peloponnese after being chased from the villages of Epirus. The inhabitants are mainly engaged in animal husbandry and agriculture.
Above the village there is the Monastery of the Great Cave with the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary, the work of the Evangelist Luke. From the station of Zachlorous there is a path to the Monastery which was used at the time when the road to the Great Cave did not exist. The route is about 45 minutes.
The visitor can enjoy the natural beauty of the village and visit the old watermill, which was the property of the Monastery of the Great Cave, now unfortunately abandoned. Also, according to the historian Tsaparas, there was the tower of Despotis, which today is owned by Antonis Pliatsikouras.
Among the plane trees and next to the river of Vouraikos there are guesthouses and taverns, where the visitor enjoys the local dishes and the special hospitality of the inhabitants of Zachlorou. The first hotel of the village opened in 1933 and continues to operate until today. Finally, near the monastery there is a neoclassical building that used to function as a school in 1908 and is now a guesthouse of the Great Cave.
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